Grow Your Business Using This Powerful Tool

There are many ways to use Google Trends for your business, but the most popular is using it as a keyword research tool. You can search for keywords related to your business and see how they have trended over time. It’s also possible to see how often different phrases are searched for in relation to your industry, which can be helpful when you’re trying to come up with marketing ideas or considering what topics you want to blog about next.

Also, you can use Google Trends to do some early market research before you even launch your business. Look for keywords related to the topic of your future website or product, and see how they have trended over time. You’ll be able to get a sense of what topics are popular now, as well as which ones seem like good ideas that will provide an opportunity in the long term.

Google Trends

You might also want to try looking at lots of different phrases together using one search phrase (i.e., putting all those terms into quotes). Some people call this “Google dorking” because it’s similar to how hackers would utilize advanced search features on websites back when dork was still cool. But no matter what you call it, grouping several keyword phrases together can help you get a more in depth idea of what is popular, and it might even lead to some new ideas for your own business.

Finally, it helps you to discover information about your competitors. This is a little-known feature of Google Trends, but it can be very useful for finding out what kind of tactics and strategies other businesses in your industry are using to attract attention from potential customers. Just enter the web address or name of one business into the search box at Google Trends, then choose “Pages” under “Options.”