Knife Sharpening Strategies to Make Meal Prep Quicker

When you have a dull knife, it is frustrating to cook with. You might be tempted to just buy another one, but that can get expensive and they are not always the best quality. Luckily, there are options for sharpening your knives without having to replace them! Knife sharpeners come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional manual tools to electric knife sharpener.

Which type you choose will depend on the type of blade you have (serrated or straight) and if you want a manual or an electrical device. The most important factor in choosing one is how often it needs to be replaced as this could put your budget over time simply by purchasing new ones every few years!

Electric knife sharpener

Manual sharpeners are small and compact, making them great for camping or on the go. They also come with a variety of different features from diamond stones to metal plates that will allow you to pick which kind of blade sharpener works best for your needs! You can find manual versions at any price point so it may be worth looking around before just settling on one.

Electric knife sharpeners are much simpler as they simply need plugging in and turning over while pulling the blades towards you across the rotating grinding wheel until its done. It’s easy enough but only comes with two settings: coarse against steel knives or fine against ceramic ones like those found in restaurants. These types of electric devices cost more upfront but last longer and are often a better investment.

Serated knives can be sharpened with a whetstone while straight blades can be sharpened with an electric or manual device.