Tips for Moving to Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city with plenty of things to do for people who are interested in the arts, architecture, and culture. According to some publications, the food scene has also been getting more attention because it’s one of the best places to eat in Europe. Whether you’re visiting or moving here, there are plenty of tips that will help make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

Make sure to take your time when booking flights. The best deals are usually on the day of travel, so leave yourself plenty of extra time in case you need to change plans at the last minute.

Hire this moving company Consider looking for a furnished apartment if you’re living here with family or friends and don’t have any furniture. This will make it much easier as all you’ll need is your clothes! If this isn’t an option for you, consider buying some second-hand pieces that can be found cheaply from sites like Facebook Marketplace or Freecycle. It’s also worth remembering that many people do not throw things out – even broken items might work well enough to get by until something better comes along.


Stockholm is a very expensive city, so it’s worth looking into your options for getting the best deals on things like groceries or eating out. One of the most popular ways to save money here is by buying ‘lunch buffets’ at supermarkets and other shops that offer them (usually around SEK30). This includes anything from sushi to pizza – just make sure you avoid meat if you’re not terribly fond of it!

It can be hard to adjust when moving somewhere new, but don’t worry too much about this! Stockholm has plenty of free walking tours and these are often led by natives who have lived there their entire lives. They’ll know all the places that tourists might overlook as well as some incredible hidden gems like secret parks, abandoned buildings and more.

If you’re looking for culture or an escape from the hustle and bustle of Stockholm’s city center, head over to Katarinahissen in Södermalm! This is a staircase that leads down into the water where locals often go swimming on warm evenings in summertime (you might need to bring your own towel). It’s not as well-known as other attractions but it will offer plenty of opportunities for great photos!