Divorce and Custody: How to Get a Fair Split of Your Kids

The best way to split child custody during the divorce process is not an easy question to answer. There are many factors that need to be considered, including where you live and how much time each parent will have with their children. Famous divorce lawyers in bangalore will help you with this not-so-pretty aspect of your divorce.

Some parents may want a joint physical custody arrangement, which means both of them get equal amounts of time with their children throughout the week instead of just one person getting all or most of it like in sole legal and physical custody arrangements. For example, if they only had two days per week together before going through this process, then they might agree on having five days total for themselves (two full weeks). But no matter what final agreement is made between them about how long they’ll see each other every day after the divorce, they’ll both still be the child’s parents and have a say about what happens in their lives.

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Another way to split custody is by having one person have legal custody and the other has physical custody. For example, one parent might be named as custodial parent while the other will be considered a residential or non-custodial/visitor/non-legal guardian.

The law says that there needs to be a specific court order in place for each child’s case when parents are going through divorce proceedings so both parties know what their rights are with regards to time spent with their kids.

If you still aren’t sure which arrangement would work best for your family after reading this blog post, then seek out professional help from an attorney who specializes in family law matters like divorce cases so they can recommend how you should proceed based on your unique circumstances.