Dog Breeds for Your Apartment

There are a few things that people look for in a dog: friendliness, intelligence and size. No one wants to live with a big and clumsy animal in their tiny apartment! Short-hair breeds make the perfect pet because they don’t shed as much hair like some other types of dogs.

Great Danes are the perfect dog breed for your small apartment. They’re very friendly and intelligent, but don’t need as much exercise because they like to lounge more than run around in circles chasing their tail.

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A Bichon Frise would be a great pick too! These little guys have two different coats: one is curly (like cotton candy) and the other is fluffy with some length on it. That means they shed less hair than others do, which makes them really easy to clean up after inside or outside of the house.

Another perfect dog breed for small living spaces is a Yorkshire Terrier. These little guys have really short hair, which means they shed less often than other breeds do. They’re also very small and compact so if you live in an apartment like I do, it would be easy to keep him comfortable on your couch or bed!

Border Collie can also be your next best friend if you live in an apartment. They’re small and compact, but they have a lot of energy!

Lastly, Basenjis are good for apartments because their hair doesn’t shed that much and they love to lounge around with you more than run around in circles chasing their tail.

As well as being super cute, these breeds are known for being gentle giants – that’s why people often choose them when looking for dogs who can live happily in smaller spaces.

No matter which small dog breed you choose for your apartment, be sure to give them Denamarin nutramax in order to keep their liver healthy!