Shopping Online And How To use BlueSnap

What is BlueSnap?

BlueSnap is an online payment service provider that enables businesses to process credit and debit card payments. It provides a range of services including merchant account set up, technology integration with e-commerce platforms, pre-authorization for chargebacks, recurring billing options and transaction reporting. BlueSnap’s business model employs two pricing tiers: monthly subscription and per transaction.

How do I use BlueSnap?

There are three things you will need before getting started: your company logo; our license agreement; and the email address used when registering for your free trial. Once completed these steps, follow these instructions:

* Log in to our website using your username/email & password

* Click on “Setup Your Account

* Follow the instructions on screen

* Click to choose “Create a new account”

* Enter your company name and address, then click Continue

* Fill in all information required for your business type. You will be asked to enter a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) number before you can complete registration. If you do not have one use these steps:


Step One: Obtain an issuer identification number from your bank or credit card service provider by providing them with an application form completed by your organization’s authorized signatory, as well as any other documents they may require.

Step Two: Contact your card processor to obtain the CVV code for use in completing registration.

When you are done, click Save and Create Account button at the bottom of page.

Summary: BlueSnap is a payment service provider that enables businesses to process credit and debit cards online. You can sign up for a free trial before registering with them or just register on their website by clicking “create new account.” Your business will need an email address which it used when signing up for a free trial as well as providing information about its PCI-DSS number (if applicable) or obtaining one from your bank/credit card service provider if you have not already obtained one.